Kingmaker: The Nation of Phoenicia

No Werewolves Allowed
1 Erastus 4700

The party hunts down and kills Kundal the werewolf, for the murders of Saki the baker and Beven the shepherd.

Eduard collects the wand of reduce animal size that he ordered, and Beth places an order for a scroll of Eagle’s Splendour.

The Worg
1 Sarenith 4700

The party explored the eastern coast, defeating a barrow wight and painstakingly hunting down a vicious worg – Howl-of-the-North-Wind.

1 month passed

The Founding of Phoenicia
1 Sarenith 4699

The party is granted a charter to form a new independent kingdom in the Stolen Lands. They choose the Stag Lord’s fortress as the site of their capital, Tyre. Naming the fledgling kingdom Phoenicia, they quickly expand and establish strong economic policies.

A year passes…

A Conquered Land
24 Desnus 4699

The party kills the Freak in the basement and turns the Stag Lord’s body over to Davik Nettle before clearing out the undead on the hillside and return to Oleg’s to celebrate a job well done.

The Stag Lord
23 Desnus 4699

Vivandrel returns and goes to reinforce Toba and Eduard along with Veter, but Beth and Ariel are held up by a sudden mite attack.

The party attacks the bandits, and Akiros Ismort sees his chance. He tears off his Stag amulet and sides with the party. Together, they fool Auchs to going back upstairs and engage and kill the Stag Lord himself.

Later than night, Vivandrel sneaks upstairs and tries to slit Auchs’ throat while he’s sleeping. He takes a couple of swings but is no match for her, so he falls on his knees and begs for mercy. Toba and Eduard arrive and confront Vivandrel. Vivandrel agrees to spare Auchs’ life and he swears his unending loyalty to her. Viv is a little uncomfortable with this, so commands Auchs to obey Eduard.

The Stag Lord's Camp
17 Desnus 4699

The party presents a matched pair of taztlwym heads to Oleg and returns the fangberries they collected to Bokken.

They disguise themselves as bandits and infiltrate the Stag Lord’s encampment. Beth and Ariel stand watch with Veter just outside the fort to await Toba and Eduard’s signal. Toba and Eduard kill the guards on watch and unlock the front door, then wait for their reinforcements.

Finishing up
12 Desnus 4699

The party finishes exploring their charter area, killing a couple of Taztlwyrms and befriending a starving thylacine. All that remains is to deal with the Stag Lord.

Tartuk's Fall
7 Desnus 4699

Vivandrel falls into a coma caused by a relapse of her blood draining/disease/poison just as Toba and Eduard engage Tuskgutter. Ariel and Beth appear and introduce themselves.

The party entrusts Viv to Jhod’s care until she’s ready to adventure again. They return to the Sootscale kobolds and kill Tartuk before returning to Oleg’s to return Svetlana’s ring and present Tuskgutter’s head.

29 Gozran 4699

The party defends itself against a mite scouting party returning from spying on the kobolds. They take a few days to recover Vivandrel’s strength and then head back to Oleg’s. They return to the Temple of the Elk with Jhod and kill its mad guardian. Leaving Jhod there to begin cleaning up, they head south and come across a boggard by the name of Garuum.

Poor, poor Vivandrel
28 Gozran 4699

The party descends into the mite’s caves to clear them out. They save a kobold being tortured by mites (Mikmek) and find themselves at a large crevice; a number of tree roots form a series of rough handholds, but when Vivandrel tries to cross, she gets severely bitten by a giant centipede. Mikmek jumps in bravely to protect her and is instantly killed. A fighting retreat gives Toba enough time to kill the centipede while Eduard defends him.

They drag Vivandrel outside, and the centipede’s poison combined with the tick’s disease make her utterly miserable.


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