Kingmaker: The Nation of Phoenicia

The Stag Lord

23 Desnus 4699

Vivandrel returns and goes to reinforce Toba and Eduard along with Veter, but Beth and Ariel are held up by a sudden mite attack.

The party attacks the bandits, and Akiros Ismort sees his chance. He tears off his Stag amulet and sides with the party. Together, they fool Auchs to going back upstairs and engage and kill the Stag Lord himself.

Later than night, Vivandrel sneaks upstairs and tries to slit Auchs’ throat while he’s sleeping. He takes a couple of swings but is no match for her, so he falls on his knees and begs for mercy. Toba and Eduard arrive and confront Vivandrel. Vivandrel agrees to spare Auchs’ life and he swears his unending loyalty to her. Viv is a little uncomfortable with this, so commands Auchs to obey Eduard.


Midnotion Midnotion

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