Siva Ravona

Compulsive information broker


CN female sylph wizard (Elemental Air school, Wind Listener) 3

Str 8, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 10, Cha 13
1st: Cloud Gazer (can see through non-magical mists, 3x distance for magical mists)
3rd: Airy Step (ignore first 30’ of any fall)

outsider (native)
size M, 30’ move
languages: common, auran
Energy resistance: resist 5 electricity
Whispering Wind: +4 racial stealth
Storm in the Blood: fast healing 2 when hit with electricity damage, max of 2 hp/level/day

School: Elemental (Air)
Opposition: Elemental (Fire)

5 skills/level (plus favoured)
Knowledge (x)


Siva loves secrets. She also loves spilling secrets – especially to balance a slight or right a wrong.

When she’s not poring over old tomes lost in study, she’s either spending time with passing travellers or just idly eavesdropping to see if any juicy gossip turns up.

While she doesn’t exactly worship Calistria, there’s a definite respect there – and Siva believes it to be mutual.

After spilling one secret in Tyre that (somewhat unexpectedly) turned into a full-blown scandal, she decided that maybe she’d better spend some time a bit further away from the capital. For the fresh air.

Siva Ravona

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