Oculus of Abadon


Minor artifact
Aura of overwhelming conjuration, divination, necromancy
CL 20
Slot eye
Weight 1 lb
Alignment NE

Once placed in an empty eye socket (removing an eye causes 1d8 damage, 1 point of bleed, and 2 Con damage; placing the Oculus in the socket immediately heals that damage), the Oculus awakens, granting its owner:
Darkvision 120’ (constant)
True seeing 1/day (free action)
Greater scrying 3/day
Planar binding 1/week (only to summon natives of Abaddon)
Familiar farsight at will (may observe world through a familiar or animal companion over any distance on the same plane)
Haunting beckon 1/year (acts as Mass charm monster with a range of 1 mile, and establishes a telepathic link to all minds in the area; remains language-dependent; SR applies, but all creatures below 6 HD are automatically affected, else it’s a DC 22 Will to resist)


Found in the eye socket of Vordakai the cyclopean lich.

The party has only one theory on how to destroy the Oculus: it must be smashed by a permanently blinded good outsider with at least 7 HD, wielding a bludgeoning weapon.

Oculus of Abadon

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