Ovinrbaane, Enemy of All Enemies

weapon (melee)

Cursed, Intelligent, +3 Wounding Greatsword

Minor artifact
Aura of strong evocation
CL 20
Weight 12 lbs.
Alignment CN

Ego 25
Senses 60ft. vision and hearing
Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 15
Communication empathy
Lesser Powers aid 3/day (CL 17), modify memory 1/day (DC 16, wielder only)
Special Purpose defeat/slay all
Dedicated Powers: wielder gains freedom of movement, and dispel magic (CL 20) against opposing attacks and effects (only on initial application of effect)

When Ovinrbaane beats its wielder in a contest of will, it uses Modify memory to grant the wielder Armag’s memories, and causing them to believe that anyone nearby who is not obviously a member of his tribe is a mortal enemy. Wielder’s features will slowly change over time to more and more closely resemble the original Armag.


The party shattered Ovinrbaane in the Boneyard by striking it thrice against the wielder’s own gravestone, a task that sounds simpler than it actually was, and in the process reigniting a planar war between Gorum and Pharasma.

Ovinrbaane, Enemy of All Enemies

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