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  • Jhod Kavken

    A few hours after forming a mob and lynching a traveller in his home town on suspicion of being a werewolf responsible for several killings, a hunter revealed the killer to be a particularly wily worg. An investigation by the church followed, and Jhod's …

  • Evan Darkbane

    Engaged to [[:samantha-stormwind | Samantha Stormwind]] Came to Tyre as an adventurer and met Samantha at the magic shop. He helped her get over her ordeal at the hands of the mob, and eventually decided to settle down in West Tyre.

  • Ivor Doryavich

    Born and raised in Ustalav, Ivor was brought up with a strong belief in Pharasma. When it came time to choose his path, he chose to look to the future, worshipping Pharasma's aspect of Prophecy. Accordingly, he has taken a vow never to speak of the …

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