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  • Perlivash

    A butterfly-winged dragon with a quick, dry wit and [[:tyg-titter-tut | Tyg]]'s best friend. Enjoys wine and mead, but not beer. Often takes a perch on the heads of friendly bigginses.

  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    [[:perlivash | Perlivash]]'s best friend, Tyg is a rather excitable grig (tiny fey with a humanoid upper body, and a cricket's lower body). She loves music but has very little taste - she will sit spellbound by even the worst performance, and always …

  • The Dancing Lady

    Mistaken for a vampire by Vivandrel, the PCs' meeting with the Dancing Lady got off to a rough start. Though she longs for the taste of her favourite food (elven blood), the Dancing Lady has agreed with Toba and Eduard to not kill while feeding, nor to …

  • Nyrissa

    Long ago, Nyrissa fell in love with [[:count-ranalc | Count Ranalc]], and her association with him caused her power to grow dramatically. She proclaimed herself the newest of the [[Eldest of the First World | Eldest]], who took to this declaration poorly …

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