Item List

Here is a list of all items that we’ve received (and haven’t sold yet). This doesn’t include items that the PCs have purchased, upgraded or commissioned. Sold means we’ve sold it off, Unknown means that we haven’t yet figured out what the object is/does, Everyone means Arielle, Eduard, Vadder, Davor, and Beth, and Somebody means an item that someone should claim since it’s useful.

Party pool Cash = 108.17 gold
Donated to kingdom = 383.95 gold

Amount we can sell the “Sell” stuff for: 302,606 gold

Arielle Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword
Arielle +1 Keen Spear
Beth? Spellbook (six spells of each level) (2475 gold)
Beth? Pages of Spellbook (Bear’s Endurance, Comprehend Languages, Flaming Sphere, Keen Edge, Mount, Tiny Hut)
Beth? Spellbook (Varnhold’s Wizard’s spellbook)
Beth? Dozens of Stone Tablets (Lich’s Spellbook)
Beth? Uncompleted Leatherbound Spellbook containing (all Cantrips, Control Water, Fabricate, Move Earth, Stone Shape, Transmute Mud to Rock)
Eduard Masterwork Cold Iron Sickle
Eduard Wand of Cure Light Wounds (? Charges)
Eduard Broken +2 Fey Bane Mace
Eduard 2 Potions of Speak with Animals
Eduard Helm of Comprehend Languages and Reading Magic
Eduard Headband of Mental Prowess +2 Int, Cha (Knowledge: Planes) (5000 gold)
Eduard Ring of Protection +2 (4000 gold)
Eduard +1 Icy? Morningstar (4154 Frost/9154 Icy Burst gold)
Eduard +3 Heavy Steel Shield (4585)
Eduard +3 Breastplate with Masterwork Armour Spikes (4850)
Eduard Lesser Metamagic Rod of Quicken (35000)
Eduard Winged Shield (8628.5)
Eduard Strand of Prayer Beads (22900)
Vadder Horseshoes of Speed (1500)
Lenor Bracers of Armour +4 (8000 gold)
Lenor Ring of Protection +2 (4000 gold)
Lenor Belt of Physical Might +4 [Str, Con] (20,000)
Lenor 20 arrows (0.5)
Toba Masterwork Dagger
Toba Bracers of Armour +1
Toba Stag’s Helm*
Toba Ring of Featherfall
Toba Wand of Cure Light Wounds (24 Charges)
Toba Cloak of Resistance +3 (4500 gold)
Toba Platinum and Ruby Ring of Freedom of Movement (20,000 gold)
Toba Amulet of Natural Armour +2 (4000)
Toba Ring of Protection +2 (4000)
Davor Pearl of Power II (2000)
Davor Ring of Protection +2 (4000)
Vivandrel Wooden Ring of Swimming (Eel and Frog)
Vivandrel Masterwork Handaxe x2
Vivandrel Boots of Elvenkind
Vivandrel +1 Rapier
Vivandrel Cloak of Elvenkind
Vivandrel Leather Armour +1 (uses back and gloves)
Vivandrel Ring of Bestial Friendship?
Vivandrel +1 Composite Longbow +2 Strength
Vivandrel Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
Vivandrel Ring of Protection +2 (4000 gold)
Vivandrel Composite Longbow +1 Human Bane (4200)
Everyone Cloak of Resistance +1
Unclaimed Ring of Sustenance
Unclaimed Magic ring of green wood snake and lizard (?)
Unclaimed 5 Goodberries
Unclaimed Rusty Key
Unclaimed Vial of Anti-Toxin
Unclaimed Baby Owlbear (v7)
Unclaimed Owlbear’s Armour
Unclaimed Tarnished Silver Locket with Picture
Unclaimed Faded Map of Greenbelt
Unclaimed +1 Dagger, gains human bane for 24h if used to kill a human
Unclaimed 4 Medium roc eggs
Unclaimed Boots of Elvenkind
Unclaimed Lesser silent metamagic rod
Unclaimed +2 Cloak of Resistance
Unclaimed 8 potions of Lesser Restoration (200 gold)
Unclaimed Potion of Sanctuary
Unclaimed Potion of Invisibility
Unclaimed Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Unclaimed Potion of Cure Moderate x18 (2700)
Unclaimed Potions of Cure Serious x7 (2625)
Unclaimed Potion of darkvision (150)
Unclaimed 12 potions of our choice
Unclaimed 1200 gold in potions
Unclaimed Small Cask containing 3 doses of Elixier of swimming
Unclaimed Dose of Restorative Ointment (2000)
Unclaimed Efficient Quiver (900)
Unclaimed Soul Jar (2500? gold)
Unclaimed Wand of Cure Moderate 24 Charges
Unclaimed Wand of Heroism – 50 Charges (5625)
Unclaimed Ebony Fly Figuring of Wonderous Power (5000 gold)
Unclaimed Occulous of Abaddon (? gold)
Unclaimed Bag of Holding (1250 gold)
Unclaimed Bag of Holding I? (1250)
Unclaimed Ovinrbaane (?)
Unclaimed Staff of Defence (31000)
Unclaimed Bracers of Armour +7 (24500)
Unclaimed Gem of Seeing (37500)
Unclaimed Wand of Barkskin (CL12, 20 Charges) (3600)
Sell Necklace of Fireballs (5 beads remaining) (?)
Sell Large Hide Armour +3 (4590)
Sell 4 Masterwork Large Handaxes (600)
Sell Amulet of Natural Armour +3 (9000)
Sell Ring of Protection +2 (4000)
Sell Large Leather Armour +3 (4585)
Sell Scarab of Protection (9 charges) (14250)
Sell Large Full Plate +3 (6075)
Sell Large Vicious Ranseur +2 (9160)
Sell Necklace of Lovelies (Damaged) (0)
Sell Copper (5704)
Sell Silver (4820)
Sell Gold (11950)
Sell Platinum (12400)
Sell Assorted Gems and Trinkets (24000)
Sell Elven Chainmail +4 (10575)
Sell Wild Buckler +2 (12577.5)
Sell Sylvan Scimitar (23657.5)
Sell Returning Icy Burst Starknife +3 (36162)
Sell Rod of the Python (6500)
Sell Cloak of the Bat (13000)
Sell Mantle of Faith (38000)
Sell Pixie Gems (30000)
Sell Crystal Ball (21000)

Item List

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