Judicial system of Phoenicia

The High Council decides what the Laws of Phoenicia will be.

Criminal offences are resolved using a magistrate system, with the High Council for the most severe cases (e.g. treason), a single member of the High Council (crimes by government officials), the Warden or Marshal (as jurisdiction dictates), or by an appointed magistrate. People can appeal to the next level up; an appeal that loses will bear increased punishment.

Three potential punishments:

  1. Minor crimes are usually punished by fines or community service (those who can’t afford to pay their fine would be allowed to do work for the nation instead).
  1. Major crimes, failing to pay fines, or individuals who’ve repeatedly committed minor crimes would be punished by exile from Phoenicia.
  1. Only the most serious crimes would be punished by death. Murder, treason, and returning from exile (without an appeal) are the only crimes I can think of off the top of my head worthy of this punishment.

I deliberately skipped imprisonment, for now I don’t see us being willing to devote the resources to maintain someone who isn’t working. However in the future I expect that we’ll add it between minor and major punishments. Any other thoughts?

Judicial system of Phoenicia

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