Laws of Phoenicia

The High Council

The High Council of Phoenicia is composed of one representative of each of the three Houses: Toba for House Dragon, Eduard Medyev for House Stallion and Vivandrel for House Leopard. Together, the High Council makes the major decisions regarding the long-term direction of the kingdom.

The Minor Council

In the event that the High Council cannot come to a decision, then the Minor Council is responsible for breaking the deadlock. Currently the only member of the Minor Council is Lenor for House Falcon.

Rules of Succession

The Head of each House may at any time announce their heir. The succession is not necessarily hereditary, though hereditary appointments are allowed.


The High Council selects one of its own to act as Ruler (currently Toba), and appoints officials to fill the other leadership positions. The High Council members must be included in these appointments.


  1. Representative of the High Council
  2. Oversees the smooth running of government


  1. Identifies and counters threats to the Kingdom
  2. Identifies and exploits opportunities provided by other nations
  3. Reports to the Ruler

Civilian Roles


  1. Head of the Civilian branch of government
  2. Approves construction both urban and rural
  3. Maintains accurate Kingdom histories and maps
  4. Represents the will of the people
  5. Reports to the Ruler


  1. Collects taxes on a monthly basis
  2. Maintains accurate records of Kingdom accounts
  3. Ensures that only authorized officials are granted access to Kingdom funds

Grand Diplomat

  1. Manages relationships with foreign nations
  2. Promotes the Kingdom to citizens of foreign nations
  3. Make declarations of alliance or war

High Priest

  1. Manages the Kingdom’s relationship with the gods


  1. Educates the citizenry
  2. Promotes magical research and development

Military Roles


  1. Head of the Military branch of government
  2. Defends the Kingdom from physical and magical threats
  3. Reports to the Ruler


  1. Enforces the peace in cities
  2. Defends cities against attack


  1. Enforces the peace in rural and wilderness regions
  2. Defends rural outposts against attack


  1. Locates and executes criminals who have been sentenced to death

Laws of Phoenicia

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